Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You have to have just the right one...

 My lovely wife has a taste for a perticular coffee drink that she gets at one of those large commercial stores ( Costco ). It's a frozen latte.

Now, we must have at least six store in our immediate area.  And she has tried coffee from all of them. However the one she loves the best is , of course, the fartherest away...LOL. Almost downtown Seattle. So when we go she stocks up on them and puts them in the freezer for later.

That means that once every 10 days or so we take a little road trip. I've gotten to where I really look forward to the trip. Thanks goodness the area we go to in the store is right in the front. This store is HUGE.

It's nice to know that we aren't the only one on this pilgrimage. Now matter how early or how late we get there, the place is always packed.

So much for my day today. Hope to see you tomorrow.

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